SFU’s less noteworthy alumni

Interviews with people who aren’t living to make SFU proud

Photo curtesy of Pexels

Written by: Hannah Davis, Peak Associate

The Peak had a glorious opportunity to interview one of SFU’S most average alumni, Brian, who is a manager at a local sports equipment store. He insists that SFU failed him, as once he graduated, every job he applied to required at least three years’ worth of experience. As he so eloquently points out, this  “is impossible, because how could I have enough time to get work experience while my school was riding my ass asking me to write papers about mitochondria?!” 


The Peak set out to understand how SFU’s inpact on a former student’s life. 


The Peak: So Brian, how many years has it been since you graduated? 


Brian: It’s been two years. 


The Peak: And tell us what you’ve been up to since then? 


Brian: Well, I’ve been working as a general manager as a sports store. I tried to get a job related to my degree in bio-metaphysical mathematics, but since everything in that field required 3+ years’ experience, this was my best option. 


The Peak: What’s a typical day as a manager for you? 


Brian: I wake up, and think, “back on the old grind.” Do you know that expression? It’s just something we say at the store. 


The Peak: Yes, I am familiar with that expression. 


Brian: Yes, I say it a lot at work, it’s just a thing we do, and it makes me more relatable as a manager. It also makes me feel more motivated to become a successful person who’s time at SFU doesn’t define them for the rest of their life. 


The Peak: What’s a typical day look like for you?


Brian: I get up in the morning and say out loud in the mirror, “Well, back to the old grind, Brian” and shrug at myself. Then I take my degree that is framed on my wall and I whisper to it: “Well, you haven’t helped me at all, have you?”, and the degree says nothing, because it is simply a piece of paper which I worked four hard years to receive.