The Demon and the Concrete Man – Chapter 2

Kathearrynne’s adventures continue in her own personal Hell

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Written by: Kelly Chia, Staff writer

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The Demon and the Concrete Man

By: xxXRavenclaw_BeedieWannabeXxx

Chapter: 2/?

Updated: November 10th, 2016

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[Disclaimer: okie, so it wooks wike my wittle fanfiction isn’t getting the attention that I deserve! (╬⓪益⓪) it’s okay! Your Goddess is merciful, and has decided that you can have more of my divine magic. And stop flaming my story, ya snobs! My creative voice will NOT be silenced. The only criticism I accept is praise, and you’re lucky I even let you give it!]


“You sick son of a b—“ I growled, seething through my fangs. My lover had been turned to stone.. Just thinking of him made me swoon: I thought of his curvaceous figure, and how I could see myself in him.. how perfectly I would fit if I sat on him… But there in my way was this poor excuse of an instructor who would pay the price to high hell. 


“—of a beautiful mother, yes,” the villain professor whimpered, cleaning his pathetic lenses, “Now, you really are wasting my time. I have to assign four consecutive tests in my six hour Psyc 100 lecture, so I really must get going.” 


I shivered viscerally…. He really was a monster. (A/N: Okay, but admittedly, monsters can be a bit hot… HOO, I’ve got to fan myself already… )

But then, oh ruthless Loki, that wicked professor took off his glasses. It was like I was seeing him in a whole new light… and that light was glorious. He looked like a mix of Seto Kaiba (A/N: I know she is MY/Kathearrynne’s love, but this is my best friend’s husbando, SHOUTOUT xoxo) Seto Kaiba (A/N: This is for my best friend!!! I’m looking out for you, my love! Even though it’s my/Kathearrynne’s love) and Brendon Urie. It was a.. what’s that overrated guy called.. Wonderman moment. My inner lady suddenly started salsa dancing, and boy, was she excited. I felt a tinge of guilt, and I liked it. 


“Stop undressing him with your pervert eyes!” I hear a high pitched screech, resembling that of a bitchy pterodactyl. I took one look at her magenta pink hair and I KNEW she was a CAPITAL B preppy bitch. I whipped my waist-length hair, and put my crimson nails square on my hips. “And who’s asking, peasant?!” I asked savagely, glaring deep into her bitchy poop coloured orbs. 


She clicked her nails, and oh, that’s when I knew it was war. “Stacy Von Tussle,” it even sounded bitchy. “Pay attention, edgelord.. I’m going to participate the hell out of discussion time, respond to all the Canvas discussion questions offered… and what are you going to do? Mope to your..” she paused, scoffing like a harlot, “..little avocado man?”


I was enraged. She had insulted my man, and threatened to snag.. even snog.. my other man. I butted out of her way and tailed Mr. Hottie Prof. This was far from my classes at WMC, but those business classes hardly seemed to matter when I had business to make with the professor. 


======== Back at the Pond ========


We passed by the pond and I once again stared longingly into my round man.. my attention divided between two people that could rock my vampiric world if I let them. (A/N: I think it’s time to reintroduce that fan into the writing room… things are getting steamy..!) “I think not, DEMON!” Stacy roared, pushing something SEARING into my side. “What have you done?!” I panted, clutching my side, pulling the fiendish thing.


A silver blade?!


No.. it couldn’t be. How could she have known that I, Kathearrynne Targaryen Dark Snow Ketchum, was a vampire?? My fangs bared and my blood orbs blinked rapidly as I seethed at the pain. 

“Rot in Hell, the professor will have me and only me to deal with,” Stacy laughed, and pushed me into the pond… which was filled with holy water all of a sudden?!


======== Chapter End – Preview ========


Author: I really did bring it on if I do say so myself.. I mean really, who could predict that twist?!

Professor: Actually, I could…

Author: No one asked!! Oh boy, what will Kathearrynne do now? Told you guys I might off her! I was serious!!

Stacy: Oh boohoo, she’s sad.. whatever, just write my romcom with the Professor.

Author: Do you know his name?