Hidden Gems: Three spots to treat your palate

A spread of various curries, rice, and naan in metal dishes
PHOTO: Jambo Grill

By: Clarence Ndabahwerize, Staff Writer

Tap Restaurant
15350 34 Ave #101, South Surrey / Mains $26–$50

Tap is a fine dining spot perfect for celebrating milestones. If you watch MasterChef or spend a lot of time perfecting your culinary skills, you’ll want to experience their exquisite dishes. Last time I went, I had beef tenderloin served with phyllo wrapped mashed potato, wild mushroom demi glaçe, and café de Paris. A particularly good option from the menu is the duck served with warm chickpea and apricot salad, asian greens, beet purée, and fennel jus. For dessert, I recommend the profiteroles filled with a house-made vanilla gelato and topped with a chocolate-espresso ganache.

Jambo Grill
3219 Kingsway, Vancouver / Mains $13–$40

Jambo Grill boasts a vast menu with east African and Indian dishes: an embodiment of the special connection between the two regions. For starters, you have to try the cassava mogo. Salted, of course. My personal recommendation is the sukuma wiki, which is beef cooked with kale, rapini, cassava (a root vegetable also known as yuca or manioc depending on where you’re from), leaves, and spinach. It’s served with a side of ugali (maize bread) or chapati (a popular flatbread in India and east Africa). While you’re at it, try some warming mandazi bharazi with some soothing masala chai.

Blossom Teas
23-7198 Barnet Road, Burnaby / $5.20–$9

Blossom Teas is hidden below Burnaby Mountain. It features delightful fruit and milk teas, which one may complement with boba. Ordering is best done online prior to arrival. The real treats are the mango drinks, which can be topped with ice cream. The cheese foam is also highly rated. You’d be right to suspect a bit of a sweet tooth from me. 

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