Y2K chronicles: tales from the digital frontier

On the eve of the Y2K bug, a ambitious blogger takes their last stand

PHOTO: Courtesy of The Peak

By: Eden Chipperfield, News Writer

December 31, 1999

Wassup LiveJournal virtual peeps!

It’s New Year’s Eve 1999, and while some of you unprepared geeks clearly didn’t get the 411, the world as we know it will end at midnight tonight! 

Yes, that’s right! The year 2000 is upon us, and you may have heard of this little thing going around called Y2K. AKA, the crash of everything technology. The world is going to be sprung into complete chaos because some computer programmers back in the “groovy” ‘60s couldn’t add two lousy little zeros, meaning everything is going to fall apart. 

My ‘rents won’t believe me, and I say I’m bugging because I’ve been stockpiling food for the last three weeks. I mean, I’m not going to enjoy eating canned tuna and drinking only water for the three months I’ve prepared for, but what’s a newbie to do? Blockbuster only pays $8.91 an hour, and I only work two days a week! 

But I wanted to write to my favourite people (the ones who know me here) and finalize my will in case I die in the chaos coming our way. 

To Britney, my true BFF, my home skillet forever, I give you my collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that you refused to watch because it was “too long.” Please trade the DVDs for food or water if it comes down to it!

To Riley: I’ve always loved you since the first time I saw you when you came into Blockbuster to get a copy of But I’m a Cheerleader. I never told you how I felt, but gifting you my password diary will explain everything I held dear in my heart. The password is your name spelled backwards. 

To my sister Taylor: no, you are NOT allowed to touch any of my clothes! You should have saved money instead of spending it on that sucky, inflatable chair! 

Okay, homies, I gotta bounce now because I need to find batteries for my wind-up radio that I’m adding to my stockpile. To end this blog, drop a comment about what you’re going to miss when the chaos erupts! Maybe one day it will be archived so some baller scientist will be able to piece together what happened. 

Stay rad, safe, and remember: live, laugh, love!


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