SFU’s parking lots, ranked

SFU, Please lower the cost of parking, I am BEGGING

A photo of a student posing in front of a parking lot, holding up a peace sign
Just Herbie and I against the world. PHOTO: Krystal Chan / The Peak

By: Hannah Kazemi, Peak Associate and Parking Expert

  1. Central Parkade
    • 42069/10. This lot will never let me down. My ride or die. My homie. My bae. Live, love, laugh, Central Parkade. I can always find a spot and it’s right in the middle of campus, so I never have to walk very far to get where I need to go. I feel very “Romeo and Juliet Forbidden Lovers” about this parking lot now though. It’s the only lot you can’t use the Honk Flex parking pass at. I have to find another lover. My heart is shattered :((

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  1. West Parkade
    • 9.8/10. I didn’t know that this lot existed until last semester and I’m already almost four years into my degree. It’s tucked away and took me an hour to find the first time. Because of the Romeo-and-Juliet situation with Honk and my one and only luvr, Central Parkade, I had to choose another lot to dedicate my life to. Since my only Burnaby class in the Spring was in West Mall, I relied on this parking lot and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. There’s always a perfect little spot for my perfect little Toyota. Like all parking lots, it has its own flaws, primarily with car-fires, but I think that makes the West Parkade extra quirky and cute!

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  1. North Lot
    • 7.3/10. My go-to spot when I have a class in Blusson or I take a drive up to campus to go to Renaissance. The downside: it’s a fucking trek to get literally anywhere other than the North side of the AQ if I park here. Forget leg day, just park in North Lot and walk to West Mall.

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  1. East Lot
    • 6.9/10. Not gonna lie, I’ve only ever parked here like twice. Both times were in the evening so I only paid $3.00 or whatever SFU charges after 6:00 p.m. which is why it’s ranked #4. We love cheap parking. More of this please!

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  1. South Lot
    • ?/10. Never parked here.

Tags: #MostUnremarkable, #MostLikelytoHostStudents SummoningDemonsWithAOuijaBoard

  1. South Parkade
    • ?/10. Never parked here.

Tags: #ExceptionallyForgettable, #MostLikelytobeOvertakenbyConstruction

  1. Residence Main Lot
    • ?/10. Has anyone ever actually parked here? I can’t even visualize in my head where this lot is, let alone find it without extremely detailed audio and visual instructions. My gut is telling me this lot has been overtaken by construction so it doesn’t actually exist but my other gut is telling me that surely people in residence have visitors and maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough.

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  1. Residence West Lot
    • -14/10. I accidentally ended up here when I tried to find the West Parkade for the first time and I almost crashed head-on into a janky golf cart absolutely ripping around the corner. I made eye contact with the maintenance guy behind the wheel who was definitely wondering how and why the fuck I was there. I got lost on my way out and I think I actually started to cry a little.

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