Imperfect fits for students who would rather be anywhere but class

Three outfits that will have your peers thinking, “Why are they here?"

An illustration of a sleeping bag, a hiking outfit, and a penguin suit
Live the summer of your dreams vicariously through fashion! ILLUSTRATION: Shaheen Virk / The Peak

By: Olivia Visser, Staff Writer

Summer has arrived, and so has the semester! Isn’t that just lovely? I, too, enjoy spending my summer sitting on the leather seats of the 145 in shorts (and peeling my thighs off my seat when I’m getting up), sweating through seminars, and surviving off caffeine. 

Yep, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be this summer than good ol’ SFU. So, in the spirit of this year’s summer semester, I’ve compiled three outfits that will really make your personality shine.

Disclaimer: You are only allowed three student-subsidized personalities and looks. Any looks beyond these are NOT my responsibility.

Everywhere is My Bed

Nothing says “I’m thrilled to be here” more than this look. Yes, this one is perfect for fourth-year students and beyond. Did you put a lot of effort into your style in earlier years only to find yourself giving up later after being swamped with responsibilities? Do you struggle to find comfortable nap spots on campus, then settle for a futon in the Women’s Center because you NEEDED some shut-eye? If so, this look is for you! 

With the rise of loungewear, it’s now safe to say that pajamas are fashionable, and I dig it. You might think that loungewear would make you blend in with the concrete, but the style offers endless opportunities to stand out. Hooded onesies? Loungewear. Plush slippers? Loungewear. Wearable air mattress? Loungewear! Sleep everywhere!

Gosh, I’d even consider you a trendsetter: SFU-leisure-chic

Outdoor Chic

This look is great for people who want to look like they’re on the run or just came back from one. You’ll fit right in with your fellow Vancouverites if you can afford it! I’m talking merino wool base layers, 60-liter backpack, and $800 Arcteryx jacket levels of chic. The more stickers on your water bottle, the better — how else will people understand you’re outdoorsy?!

Attach all trinkets to your backpack with the most expensive carabiner you can find at MEC. You better think up some inspiring quotes now! Did you just return from the mountains? Is that chalk on your pants or something else? No one can tell, but I bet your peers will want to hear all about it!

Suited-up Student

Let’s try something more upscale. Professional, even? I mean, you’ve got to start thinking about references at some point, and who wouldn’t want to write one for a suited-up student? Casual professional-wear is soooooo yesterday. 

Why not step it up with a penguin suit? Bonus points if it’s a literal penguin suit. Gone are the days of trying to leave a lasting impression on your esteemed professors. As a penguin you not only leave an impression, but you also relinquish yourself of all human responsibilities. Heck yeah.

I hope my suggestions can be of some help to those who are struggling to get back into the swing of things. If your mind isn’t in the game, at least your outfit can be. Don’t let the cheerful confines of this academic institution keep you from at least LOOKING like you’re having the summer of your life!