Horoscopes: May 16–21

How you should embrace your inner Vancouver Girlie according to your sign

An illustration of a girl with long flowing hair. Astrological signs and stars shine around her.
ILLUSTRATION: Marissa Ouyang / The Peak

By: Hannah Kazemi, Peak Associate, Girlie In Training


Throw it back to 2012 and go to the super hidden and impossible to find Pink Alley. Take pics with the girlies, then go get bubble tea to reward your efforts. Taking Insta pics is a full time job, so treat yourself, bestie!



Go window shopping in Kits and spend your whole paycheck even though you really can’t afford to in this economy, then post about it. Eventually make your way to the beach and when you do, guess what! Post about it. You know it didn’t happen unless you post about it, don’t you?



Find someone with a backyard and a fire pit. Post a pic with the gals by the fire to commemorate how much fun you’re having in some rando’s backyard. Remember to stay six feet apart when you’re throwing it down on the dance floor! 



“Hike” Quarry Rock in your Lululemon Aligns and take a picture of the view when you make it to the lookout point. Bring a speaker with you in your Everywhere Belt Bag and blast some throwback tracks to dance to on your way up and unleash your inner Katy Perry. You’ll be as bright as legal Vancouver fireworks, baby!



Find that spiral parking garage on Cordova (I know you know what I’m talking about) and have an ~artsy~ photo shoot. Post the pictures on Instagram immediately after, like the girlboss that you are. Bonus points if you made a series of IG stories while parking your electric car (you don’t make enough to pay for gas in this economy.)



Party it uppppp with a few girlies at home (because girlies are responsible, but still know how to have fun) to celebrate the end of the semester. Put on 13 Going on 30 and paint each other’s nails to have the best slumber party EVER! 



Take on the Grouse Grind with your buddies and show off your muscles in a group pic when you get to the top. If you exercise and don’t post about it, did you even really exercise?? Pics or it didn’t happen.



Have a picnic at Stanley Park, then bitch about the prices of hot yoga.



Take a day trip to Whistler. Make sure that you take a picture or video of the view on the Sea-To-Sky every five minutes (on the dot!) and post it to your Snapchat story so that everyone knows you’re driving to Whistler. Slay, but keep some distance and wear your mask, Sagittarius!



Stay home and cut your own bangs tonight. You need to prepare new lewks for stunning your profs! Self-care is important, too, bebs.



Go somewhere really cool and unique for ice cream, like Earnest Ice Cream or Rain Or Shine. Write a poem about your experiences. The world needs to know your feelings on these sleeper shops that no one has eaten at before! Be a trend-setter, hon!



Get the girlies together, put on your oh-so-affordable Aritzia, take photos with a disposable camera at the beach and then gossip the night away!

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