SFU Stadium project delayed to November 2020

Theresa Hanson, senior director of Athletics & Recreation, stated that the project is slowing down due to COVID-19

PHOTO: SFU Communications & Marketing / Flickr

Written by: Dev Petrovic, Staff Writer

Originally scheduled for completion in August 2020, the SFU Stadium Project on Burnaby campus is now anticipated to be completed in November 2020. In an email interview, Theresa Hanson, senior director of Athletics & Recreation, spoke with The Peak on the current status of the project. 

The SFU Stadium Project is a student-led initiative that will provide SFU students and athletes with a home stadium on campus, as well as a space for Canada’s NCAA teams. The anticipated Stadium will include sightlines, 1,800 seats, and a canopy roof. Other amenities will also be featured, including accessible concourse, washroom facilities, broadcasting and media spaces, an integrated sound system, a fully accessible VIP box, and booths for coaches.

Hanson explained,COVID-19 has impacted the construction schedule in several ways, including off-site fabrication delays, supplier delays as well as restrictions to the overall work capacity to meet provincial health guidelines.” 

The project is being led through COVID-19 by Chandos Construction. In compliance with maintaining a healthy environment, the construction company’s safety measures have included mandatory masks, reduced workers for social-distancing protocols, and site inspections. Hanson added that a full safety plan by Chandos Construction is publicly available on their website.

“At this time, all varsity athletic competitions have been suspended through to November 30, and the NCAA Division II has cancelled all fall championships [ . . . ] [so] the delay in the stadium has not impacted the athletics schedule,” Hanson explained. 

“We have been really pleased to see the progress of the stadium construction [ . . . ] we look forward to the completion of the project, and to a bright future where we can celebrate in person and welcome the SFU community back to campus and our new stadium.”

To communicate updates to the SFU community on the construction of the stadium, Athletics & Recreation has two informative sites. According to Hanson, the next update is expected in the next couple weeks.

There is also a live webcam that shows the Terry Fox Field and the construction site of the new SFU Stadium, which is updated every 15 seconds for 30 minutes.