SFU Stadium Project expected to be ready by February 2021

Following multiple delays, the SFU Stadium Project nears completion

PHOTO: Ahmed Ali / The Peak

by Jaymee Salisi, News Writer

Originally scheduled for completion in August 2020, the SFU Stadium Project is expected to be “substantially complete” by February 2021, according to SFSS Vice-President of Finance Corbett Gildersleve. 

Completion of the stadium had been postponed from September 2020 to November 2020, and then until early 2021 due to delays related to COVID-19. 

In an interview with The Peak, Gildersleeve explained that safety precautions for the pandemic have impacted the ability for different trades to work on the project. Tasks that once required the collaboration of multiple workers for efficiency have now been slowed down in order to comply with social distancing measures.

“The pandemic brought upon a worldwide supply crisis that led to difficulty in attaining some key materials and components for the project,” Gildersleve explained.

In addition, he stated that “the risk of COVID-19 impacting the project further is still present” and he is “confident that the SFU project management team will take the corrective action necessary to address any delay if one was to arise.”

Estimated to cost between $18–⁠$20 million, SFU students will contribute $10 million to fund the project with the university covering additional costs. Gildersleve stated that “the payments for the stadium commence at the point of substantial completion.” He added that “delays will only impact the payment date but will not cause any increases in [ . . . ] contributions.”

The stadium will function as the “home stadium on campus for Canada’s NCAA teams,” with features such as 1,800 seats, a canopy roof, and amenities including “[an] accessible concourse, washroom, broadcast and media facilities, integrated sound system, fully accessible VIP/Sponsor box and coaches booths.’”

Regarding SFU Athletics sports teams and training activities as the stadium nears completion, The Peak reached out to Theresa Hanson, director of Athletics & Recreation for more information but did not receive a response by the publication deadline.

A live webcam is available on the SFU website showcasing updates on the stadium’s progress. 

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