Written by: Gabrielle McLaren, Editor-in-Chief and Gurpreet Kambo, News Editor

Photo: Chris Ho // The Peak

On Friday November 22, the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) hosted a Meet and Greet event for Club executives. Silent protesters arrived in reaction to the Board defeating a motion on November 1 to house CJSF, Embark, SFPIRG, and SOCA in the Student Union Building (SUB).

Club executives had a chance to “meet the SFSS staff and Board members while enjoying a free lunch,” and enjoyed “the opportunity the ask to [sic] questions, give feedback, participate in icebreaker games and get more resources,” as advertised on Facebook.

A group of about 15 protesters arrived shortly after the event started and lined the walls of MBC 2294 with posters, boasting slogans such as “Student leaders don’t evict students” and the names of board members who did not support the motion. Protestors outnumbered club executives in attendance, and despite multiple Board members being present, they did not interact with the protestors. 

Despite the protestors’ silence, even when they were approached by curious club executives, the air was tense as the event went on as scheduled. The spokesperson for the protestors stepped outside to speak with media on a few occasions. 

After the event, The Peak asked multiple SFSS board members for comment on the silent protest, though all declined to comment.