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Written by: Amneet Mann, News Editor


Board approves motion to extend subleases with CJSF and SFPIRG on a month-to-month basis

The original expiry date on the subleases allocating the Simon Fraser Campus Radio Society (CJSF) and the Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) space in the rotunda was December 14.

It was noted that the two groups were currently in discussion with the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) and had not yet agreed to the terms of the proposed agreement.

“We are authorizing the SFSS to send these agreements; we don’t have any authority to make a decision for CJSF or SFPIRG,” said vice-president university relations Jackson Freedman.


Board approves $4,729 for Christmas Carnival event

Vice-president student life Tawanda Masawi noted that the two-day carnival would be the last SFSS event of the term. The money would be allocated towards hiring a professional Santa Claus, photographer, and variety of arcade games.

The motion was passed by board majority with vice-president finance Matthew Chow voting against the motion.

“I’m not comfortable spending $4,000 right now on what we’re planning on proposing because I think there could be alternatives that we could create,” stated Chow.


Board reaches out to NEB regarding tank farm expansion

In response to a request from the National Energy Board (NEB) for comments on “marine-related shipping,” the board drafted and sent in a letter outlining their concerns with the Kinder Morgan tank farm expansion project. The letter addressed the tank farm with respect to the Westridge Marine Terminal, which is located at the bottom of Burnaby mountain.

Sarah Edmunds, SFSS campaigns, policy, and research coordinator, noted that as the comments were being reviewed by the NEB in connection to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, the letter reviewed the board’s concerns with the tank farm project from an environmental perspective. “There was still a little bit of a student safety piece in there, but it was focused more on environmental,” said Edmunds.


Board names new signing officers during CEO absence

In anticipation of the CEO position on board being empty following Wyant’s departure, Build SFU general manager Marc Fontaine and SFSS general manager Alejandro Reyes were appointed as full signing authorities with Scotiabank, the society’s financial institution. The general manager position was created and filled by Reyes in May 2018.

Fontaine and Reyes were delegated further financial authority with respect to payments such as reimbursements provided to clubs and student unions, payroll, and vendor payments.

Finally, as general manager, Reyes was appointed as a signing officer under SFSS By-Law 6.11 until May 31.

Wyant suggested that once a new CEO had been hired for the SFSS, the financial authorities be transferred back to the individual in that position, provided that two signing authorities remain on SFSS staff.

Reyes was also named as a staff liaison officer between the board and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) following Wyant’s departure.