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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Honest cover letter

Dear Diary: Treacherous tales from the bus

By: Jennifer Low, Peak Associate Dear Diary, The early arrival of the 145 bus at Production Way-University SkyTrain Station signaled a promising start to our journey. With...

Actual interviews with actual people: Reverend X, God

“Bitch, I ain’t give a fuck what you’re thinking, fuck your thoughts, I’m God, and bitch, you not!” This profane and classic line was...

Ski Ninjas: High Five!

By Kyle Lees at Ski Ninjas

Extraordinary Student Homes

By: Hannah Davis, Staff Writer Here at The Peak, we were lucky enough to have been given tours of some of the most incredible student...

I think someone hid raptor eggs for the kids instead of the store-bought eggs...

Good work, team! That’s an official wrap on another Burnaby Heights Neighbourhood Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. This event wouldn’t have been nearly as successful...

Horoscopes for dumb shits (Jan 30th—Feb 5th)

ARIES This is the week to give into bad impulses, Aries. You should message your ex. You should eat all the delicious lactose-filled desserts even...

Ski Ninjas: Cash Crab

        By Kyle Lees See more at Skininjas.com!


By Taylor Beaumont