SFU at the Oscars

Photo courtesy of Flickr

By: Jennifer Low, Peak Associate

Glorious artsy black-and-white shots of the Images Theatre . . . Slow-mo, panoramic drone footage of SFU’s construction . . . The combined effort of profs, students, TAs, directors, and other cast and crew have put together movies so relatable and so visually stunning, there is no doubt SFU’s representation at the Oscars would be unforgettable.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is a musical celebration detailing how one student on academic probation shattered all expectations to rise from SFU’s worst to its greatest success story.

The film follows the dramatic rise of Freddie’s GPA and his legendary B.S. essay performance, where he put his all into every risky and experimental topic he could. He rides the high of unexpected success until, in a dark turn of events, Freddie unexpectedly shuns the study group that got him to the top of the Dean’s List in order to pursue his fortnite addiction.

Freddie manages to reunite with his study group just in time to put on one of the biggest group presentations of SFU history, cementing the legacy that Queen’s music makes everything more awesome.

The Favourite

In early 2018, amongst the chaos of essays, projects and exams, marshmallow-roasting and Giant Jenga in the AQ are prominent. A frail prof sits in her office whilst her TA, Sarah, grades papers in her stead, struggling to cope with the prof’s horrible handwriting and unclear rubrics. When a new student, Abigail arrives for office hour, her brown-nosing endears her to Sarah.

So close to the prof’s TA, Abigail sees a chance to better her grade. The threat of expulsion looms on the horizon but sabotage, plagiarism and academic dishonesty seem to fall into a grey area for both Sarah and Abigail as they both pursue the title of the prof’s favourite.

Green Book

Green Book tells the harrowing journey of a student trying to fake their way through a course without the textbook. In an effort to “go green,” the student neglects to purchase the heavy $500 textbook required for their course, instead relying upon a newfound friend to take and send photos of each page. Secrets and lies begin to develop all around the student, leading them to question whether or not the textbook even exists.


A story of one student’s efforts to save up for a trip to Rome whilst paying for expensive textbooks and the new increase in tuition.

A Star is Born

The rise of one GPA means the fall of another. Jackson, a weathered fifth-year “soon to be graduating . . . for sure this time” student encounters the struggling academic, Ally, who has just about given up her dream of a 3.5 GPA until Jackson swoops in with an amazing new study technique. But as Ally’s grades start to improve, Jackson realizes the curve may no longer be in his favour.


In an effort to bulk up their resume and finally win the approval of their parents, an SFU student with no political prowess or knowledge of the subject in any regard decides to run for president of the SFSS . . .

The film details the elements of the student’s dramatic run for presidency, grappling with new powers, found friends, old enemies, and a new political science student that may just prove to be a new love interest — or the one who destroys the fake political persona they have worked so hard to build.

Black Panther

The SFSS presidential election is thrown into chaos when the most popular candidate is suddenly usurped. The challenger is a new student who claims, if elected, he will find a way to have the SUB built within a month using SFU’s long hidden resource of Vibraniaum. The two candidates battle for supremacy on top of the SUB construction until one emerges victorious.