Dining with Sophistication: Brunch at the trash cannery

An illustration of a snooty raccoon critic in glasses.
ILLUSTRATION: Maple Sukontasukkul / The Peak. Another soaring attempt in the journey of fine dining!

By: Nercya Kalino, Staff Writer

Restaurant: Cornerstone Organic Bins

Rating: ★★★

Location: Univercity Burnaby Mountain

Appetizer: Egg in hash brown basket

Entrée: Quiche

Dessert: Fruit Salad

Wine: Pét-Nat
Yesterday was my mother’s birthday celebration and we had the pleasure of inviting some of her geriatric bosom friends — for lack of a better term— and their children to one of mother’s favorite restaurants, Cornerstone Organics, up on Burnaby Mountain. Truly the best part of the neighborhood, Univercity, that glorious concrete street!

This morning, my mother insisted I take her friend’s children back to the restaurant for their breakfast service.

I, Reginald Trashpánda III, your honorable and favorable food critic, have decided to give finding the best and the finest dining experience in the community another shot. I had the pleasure of joining some acquaintances for a delightful breakfast last week. Aside from the grating laughter and mindless chatter, I actually rather enjoyed my meal.

It wasn’t as superior as the other places I have visited but it did a fine job. Perhaps breakfast might just be my next favorite meal of the day.

We started off with the appetizer: the egg-in-a-hash brown basket. Was this creative? Not necessarily. Anyone, even an eight year old, can come up with that! But it was not horrible either. The hash brown managed to maintain a humble moisture. The egg was not runny but not hard as a pebble. I was entranced by the crispy layer of egg complete with glistening yolk. It was a delight to start on a good note after yesterday’s soirée. I may have had too much fun, if you catch my fermented drift.

The entrée was not too creative, so one star off the rating. I mean, a quiche, nothing wrong with it. But I am within my right as a critic to say this has been overdone — and I already had eggs, after all. My acquaintances seemed to have no clue as to what a basic dish they were ingesting. One of them had the audacity to call it a pie! Ugh, can you imagine? Mind you, being so truly virtuous, I would have liked to school these impudent folks. A pie can be savory or sweet, but a quiche is always savory, light, and fluffy! That is like Royalty Culinary 101, people. Besides that, the quiche was not at all exciting, just plain spinach and mushroom. Forgive me but I tend to like a little meaty attribute to my food.

The dessert was a fruit salad. Again, nothing wrong just indulging in proper juicy vitamins. Mind you, a healthy gut can come from foods such as fruit salad in the morning. There’s nothing better for the willies! Oh and the Pét-Nat for the wine service was tasty! Fizzling by nature and light in alcohol levels. The natural sugars definitely excite the mouth and my sophisticated tastebuds.

I have come to a decision that my favorite meal of the day is still yet to be decided. I think that maybe had I enjoyed the breakfast in total peace and quiet, I would have been more engaged with my food. But the constant bickering and overzealous banter among the common folk was tiresome, to say the least. I have learned that your company matters just as much as the food. So, there you have it my faithful readers: Reginald Trashpánda III serving you honesty.