Peak Sports Mailbag: Wrestling

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By: Lauren Mason, SFU Student

Hello readers of The Peak sports section,

Welcome to the Peak Sports Mailbag. My name is Lauren Mason. I’m a member of the SFU Women’s Wrestling team and this week’s host of the wrestling-themed Mailbag. 

Thanks so much to all of our readers that submitted their wrestling-related questions, and my apologies if your question didn’t make it into this week’s edition. Usually, the Mailbag host will only answer three questions. Don’t worry though, as all questions submitted count for an entry into the raffle draw whether or not they are addressed in the Mailbag. Now, onto the questions!

Question 1: How are points scored in a wrestling match ?  – Sikwan

First of all, there are three different styles of wrestling: freestyle, folkstyle, and Greco-Roman. At SFU, the women wrestle freestyle and the men wrestle folkstyle. 

In freestyle, each match is six minutes long (two three-minute periods). There are three referees, and points are awarded for the following: two for a takedown, two for a back exposure, four for feet-to-back, and one for a push out of bounds. In order for points to be awarded, at least two of the three referees must agree. 

In folkstyle at the college/university level, matches are seven minutes long (a three-minute period followed by consecutive two-minute periods). There is just one referee that will award points for the following: two for a takedown, one for an escape, two for a reversal, and two or four for a near-fall (holding the opponent with their back exposed). 

Question 2: Who are some of SFU’s most notable wrestling alumni ? – Carson

SFU has been a powerhouse in wrestling for many years. Many national champions, World medal winners, and even Olympians, have been a part of this program. Numerous people in the sports world look to SFU as a strong university, academically speaking, but there is also an expectation that our athletes will perform athletically well on a national and international scale. Since SFU’s teams consist of mostly American and Canadian members, there are many notable alumni from both countries. 

On the women’s side, Carol Huynh was the first female Olympic gold medalist in wrestling for Canada; she earned another Olympic bronze at the 2012 games, and she also has numerous other medals on the World stage. 

On the men’s side, the most prominent athlete is Daniel Igali. He won gold at the 2000 Olympics and won the 1999 World Championships as well. 

Other notable Canadian SFU grads are World medal holders Haislan Garcia, Danielle Lappage, and Justina Di Stasio. On the American side, Helen Maroulis, with her win in 2016, was the first female Olympic gold medalist in wrestling for the United States. Additional notable alumni are Mallory Velte, a World bronze medalist, and Dominique Parrish, who placed fifth at the 2018 U23 World Championships. As you can see, SFU consistently produces many high-achieving wrestlers.

Question 3: How do SFU’s wrestling programs rank amongst the NCAA? – Laura

On the women’s side, SFU has always been one of the best on the continent. For the last 10 years, the women’s team has ranked amongst the top three in their division. In 2019, they placed second in the WCWA (Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association) and nine members of the team achieved the honour of being named All-American. The men’s side also has many ranked wrestlers, and has had at least one Division II All-American each year. 

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