SFSS Women’s Day Video Project

The SFSS passed an amendment to put $790 toward the Women’s Day Video Project, which is to be shown at the SFSS International Women’s Day Gala on March 9. This budget would include lighting, sound equipment, and transportation among other expenses.

The SFSS has decided to partner with the SFU Cinematography club on this event. Samer Rihani, vice-president student services, said in a follow-up email to The Peak that they chose to work with this club as their “goal is to work with experienced members instead of outsourcing to external groups.” According to Rihani, the filming will occur at three locations in Burnaby, encompassing about 60-70 students in total.

Hugo Li, the vice-president of the Cinematography club presented, saying that “on behalf of the club, we thank you all [ . . . ] we’re very excited to get this going.”

Tasty Tuesdays

The motion was passed to allocate $300 from the student engagement budget to finance Tasty Tuesdays for the months of February and March, “where board members will be walking around campus handing out food and engaging members regarding surveys, new programs, etc,” according to Rihani.

According to the Tasty Tuesdays proposal, it is “an initiative aimed at providing students with food while they study.” The proposed budget includes assorted nuts, granola bars, fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, and sesame snaps.

The proposed benefits of this program include “generating student engagement, feeding students in need, increasing brand awareness, creating promotional opportunities, and improving the SFSS’s public image,” according to the proposal.

Meeting Minutes

The board also passed an amendment to upload the SFSS Board of Directors draft meeting minutes to the website prior to approving them at the board table, after approval of the Board Chair or another designate. Rihani said to The Peak that “this passed as amended, as the board added the “approval of board chair or designate” later on.

“The issue this causes is that if a student wants to see the minutes they have to wait two weeks before they can see it. Also if someone comes in for a presentation or comes in and says something and we note it down wrong, the student doesn’t actually have the chance to see and tell us,” said Kia Mirsalehi, applied sciences representative.