How To: Get rid of student sickness

Photo curtesy of depositphotos

By: Tiffany Chang, Peak Associate

Do you have student fever? Throughout the never-ending intensity of everyday student life, with lectures, procrastinated paper research, long bus lineups, and deciding if you have time to pee before tutorial when you’re already late, we tend to neglect our health — especially halfway through the semester. At times, it can be hard to distinguish whether or not we’re in a constant state of distress or actually sick. For that reason, I decided to share a guide to help everyone determine just that.

Symptom: Your nose is 43.6% congested, no matter how many times you’ve blown it.

It’s getting a little frustrating because the pile of tissues in your garbage can is starting to look like the Olympic Peninsula.

Treatment: Lack of sleep is an unavoidable part of student life and letting your immune system drag you down like this just won’t do. Mind over matter.

Symptom: Constant headaches.

Could it be caused by the loud noises coming from the construction work going on around Burnaby campus all the time? Maybe. Concentrating too hard on studying for that next final? Perhaps. Is this the result of getting blackout drunk the previous night? Very possible.

Treatment: I find that this works for me: purposely sit near areas where there are excruciatingly loud noises. Get used to the sounding of a jackhammer! Your inner ear will slowly develop a semi-protective layer if you keep at it. And let’s not forget about measuring young adult liquor intolerance.

Symptom: A sore throat.
It’s from wailing in frustration. It comes with the territory when completing ridiculously difficult coursework.

Treatment: Make chicken noodle soup once in a while. You’ll be fine.