To make any stranger fall in hate with you, ask them these 36 questions

Photo by Phoebe Lim

1. Which season of Two and a Half Men do you think will go down in history as the most highly regarded?

2. Do you mind if I take a selfie?

3. What’s your Ello username?

4. This is an emergency: can you tell me where the closest juice bar is?

5. Don’t you just love TransLink?

6. Have you ever considered going totally gluten-free?

7. Did it ever occur to you that maybe some people don’t like Emma Stone?

8. How about that weather we’re having?

9. Sure, I’ll have a drink. Do you have any alcohol-free beer?

10. Which of Skrillex’s eight studio albums/EPs is your favourite and why?

11. What do you think of my new fedora?

12. Why would anyone anywhere vaccinate their kids?

13. How am I only learning about The Secret now?

14. Why can’t every season be tax season?

15. You don’t actually like Kanye West, do you?

16. So if you’re a feminist, does that mean you hate all men?

17. Is there supposed to be a difference between Coke and Pepsi?

18. Are you coming to my improv show tonight?

19. Have you been keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s Instagram lately?

20. Where’s your favourite place to go clubbing on Granville Street?

21. Can you tell me what the big deal is about Breaking Bad anyways?

22. Who actually believes in the theory of global warming?

23. Did you read that Thought Catalog article I sent you?

24. Why don’t they just make pants pockets smaller?

25. Could you see sea monkeys one day becoming the “it” animal of the Internet?

26. How could anyone be sick of every superhero getting their own blockbuster franchise?

27. Aren’t you a little old to own a children’s swimming pool?

28. Have I told you about my new CrossFit routine?

29. Can I borrow your tutorial notes from last . . . since beginning of semester?

30. Why can’t Michael Bay be in charge of more summer blockbusters?

31. Do you have a job lined up for after graduation?

32. Can’t I just have a bite of yours?

33. You know that smoking’s bad for you, right?

34. Was there ever a more perfect combination than socks and sandals?

35. Do you want to see my rock collection?

36. Who wants to do a jagerbomb?