Notes from this month’s Board of Governors’ meeting


SFU’s 50th Anniversary campaign

As of December 31, 2014, SFU has raised $12,899,324 for their 50th Anniversary Campaign, which will mark SFU’s 50th birthday this September. The ultimate fundraising goal is $250 million.

The organizing committee continues to plan myriad events for the occasion, which include a ceremony and evening celebration on September 9, 2015, a week of welcome, several documentary films profiling “SFU changemakers,” and the potential renewal of the annual Shrum Bowl football match against UBC.


Decline in 2015 international student enrollment

Provost and VP Academic Jon Driver reported on the preliminary enrolment numbers for spring 2015.
For newly-admitted students, he reported that the university is six per cent below target for international students and eight per cent above target for domestic.

Board member June Francis brought up her concerns that this may be related to the increased tuition fees for undergraduate international students, which are scheduled to rise by 10 per cent per year between 2013–2014 and 2016–2017.
President Andrew Petter replied that this was likely due to faculties failing to reach out to international students. “Is this a function of tuition increases? It isn’t,” he said.