University Briefs

Toronto ranks number one for most sugar babies

University of Toronto was ranked number one for most new sugar babies in 2014 on the popular Sugar Daddy site SeekingArrangements.

The site helps older men seeking the companionship of younger women, who they in turn financially support. The website released their stats earlier this month, revealing University of Toronto as the first highest of Sugar Babies, McGill the second, and the University of British Columbia as the third.

The popularity of the site to university-age women is speculated to be caused by the financial strain of university debt.

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Supreme court case defeats UVic pro-life protesters

Student demonstrators at the University of Victoria are claiming that free-speech rights are not protected on campus.

The university’s pro-life club, Youth Protecting Youth Club (YPY), set up an informational booth in September that was vandalized with kitty litter. This isn’t new to the club — they have also had stink bombs and smoke bombs thrown at them in the past year. The university has also repeatedly refused to let the group demonstrate on campus.

A judge has dismissed the petition, saying that the university is not protected as a free-speech zone, but rather an autonomous zone where the university decides what constitutes appropriate free expression.

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University creates bystander intervention program

The University of Ottawa has announced plans for a new bystander intervention program to train administration, students, and full-time coaches on rape culture.

This announcement follows the findings from a task force on respect and equality that made 11 recommendations to president Allan Rock to combat sexual violence.

The task force was created after criminal charges were laid against two hockey players following sexual assault allegations on a men’s hockey trip.

Rock plans on implementing the recommendations, all of which work towards long-term bilingual education on respectful behaviour, preventing sexual assault, and bystander intervention.

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