Student drops class for a serotonin boost

One man’s heroic journey to press the “Confirm Withdraw” button

hands type at a laptop keyboard
PHOTO: Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

By: Craig Allan, SFU Student

It was 2:30 in the morning, and I stared at my class selections on goSFU. I picked three classes to ease myself into school, knowing I would drop one of them.

What were those classes? English, History, and another English class that had something to do with sonnets? Who cares. Why are you hassling me, reader? Two are fine, but the one on sonnets was a nightmare. The professor had no idea what he was doing.

Two weeks in, the class had no syllabus, the professor stumbled through the lectures, and my confidence in the class grew weaker by the minute. With the deadline to withdraw getting closer, I had to consider whether it was a good idea to drop the class. What if I made a mistake? What if this class changed the trajectory of my life, and by taking it I’d go on to make millions of dollars creating and running my own sonnet factory?

I struggled and thought about it until the last day I could withdraw, when I just decided to bite the bullet and drop the class like I accidentally dropped my brother’s new laptop the day he got it. Sorry about that, Keith. Word to the wise, any person who says it’s good to pay your bills early, like it’s a responsible adult thing, doesn’t know SFU’s return policy. You can only get back 75% of your money if you don’t withdraw in time. Maybe I should have paid my bills early. You know, McDonald’s gives you a full refund if you return your food. I barely took a bite out of the class! 

Anyway, I withdrew from the class and I felt great! Like, finding parking in the North Lot after 12:00 p.m. great! This is less time I have to spend coming up to this school, exhausting myself on the stairs, and looking at these ugly ass buildings. I mean, seriously, who the hell thought when they were building this place surrounded by beautiful mountain views, “Let’s have the classrooms and windows face inwards so that no one can see it?”

This was a tough decision to make but I am glad that I made it. Now I can spend my semester at SFU doing the fun things that are critical to the SFU experience, like spending money on parking, and paying my fee to that raccoon to walk down the halls. You know, now that I think about it, that raccoon may not have had any authority at this campus.