Local bubble tea stores you can turn to amid the boba shortage

3 tea-riffic places that make their own tapioca pearls

Homemade toppings will elevate your bubble tea experience! Photo courtesy of SHOTT Beverages

By: Nancy La, Staff Writer

Remember the Suez Canal (and all its good memes) that stuck with the internet last month? Well, after this delay in international shipments, there’s simply not enough boba to fuel Vancouver’s desire for chewy tapioca balls.

Thankfully, we need not look far for solutions. I present to you: Vancouver bubble tea stores that make their own boba!

OneZo Tapioca 

Photo courtesy of OneZo Tapioca

A quick scroll on OneZo’s website proves that they are serious about the craft of tapioca. The brand has stores across Canada and they are leaders in the fresh handmade boba scene. Before their arrival in the bubble tea world, most stores would only sell the standard dark brown boba pearls. With OneZo’s diverse selection of boba flavours like mango, sesame, and even cactus, they will surely keep you on your toes when it comes to both taste and sight. Their Burnaby location is open for takeout and delivery.

Xing Fu Tang

Photo courtesy of @nomsyyc via Instagram

If you have been around the Vancouver food and drinks scene for the past couple of years, then the name Xing Fu Tang is a familiar one. Known for their signature pearls that are stir fried in a wok with brown sugar, Xing Fu Tang definitely lives up to its name as the “Hall of Happiness” by serving up warm, syrupy tapioca in its signature brown sugar pearl milk. If you want to take a break from the pearls and try something new, their bunny jelly mango smoothie is a refreshing option for the hot summer days. They are open at multiple locations in Metro Vancouver for takeout and are also available via delivery apps.

The Alley

Photo courtesy of See the City

The Alley’s signature deer logo is a popular sight around Vancouver — and with good reason. Their drinks range from the classic brown sugar to newer mixes such as “Apple of My Eyes” and “Penguin on the Ice,” giving a twist to well-known fruit drinks. The Alley’s dedication to the bubble tea definitely shows, since they make their pearls — adorably named Deerioca — and their own cane syrup in house. One of their most popular drinks is the Deerioca Puff. The crunchy topping plays off of the soft chewiness of the pearls. It is definitely a fun textural experience. The Alley is open for delivery and takeout, and their online shop is also available if you want some deer-themed bubble tea merch.