Need to Know, Need to Go: May 10–16

Arts & Culture events to check out around the Lower Mainland

Illustration of a blue calendar, with
Arts & Culture events to catch around the city. Image courtesy of Brianna Quan

By: Gurleen Aujla, Peak Associate

prOphecy sun: GSWS Acts Artist Workshop | May 14, 12:00 p.m.–1:30 p.m. | FREE | Online

The SFU gender, sexuality and women’s studies department is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the GSWS Acts series, highlighting those advancing “causes for social justice, meaningful community development, and solutions to the challenges of our time.” Their next event is Sonic Compositions for the Fraser Lowlands featuring Dr. prOphecy sun, a queer interdisciplinary artist, scholar, and ecofeminist. Her work explores the overlap between “new technologies, humanity, and the environment.” The event will feature several compositions of urban and rural environmental sounds coupled with smartphone technology and voice. Eventbrite registration is required.

Seeing Anew: Earthly Presence | Runs until May 12 | FREE | PoMoArts | Online and In-Person

The Port Moody Arts Centre is currently presenting the work of Garrett Andrew Chong, a fourth-generation Chinese-Canadian media artist. His photographic collages depict iconography and the landscapes of his travels. Chong has spent a considerable amount of time journeying through Southeast Asia, Peru, and Mexico. He invites viewers to “witness our majestic earth anew by remaining present, by quieting their mind and by reflecting upon our human search for being.” Viewers can check out the complete exhibit and the gallery’s hours on PoMoArts’ website.

Sur/Veil: Who’s Looking, Whose Watching | Runs until May 12 | FREE | PoMoArts | Online and In-Person

Valerie Pugh, a Coquitlam-based visual, ceramic, and mixed media artist reflects on communication in a subtle yet startling manner. She exposes the difference of communication in a self-determined manner versus being surveilled by others. In this exhibit, Pugh focuses on the “subjectification and/or objectivization involved in the ‘act of seeing’” through paintings and sculptures. Viewers can visit the PoMoArts Gallery website for operating hours or to view the exhibit virtually.