Monday Music: Tunes for when you don’t feel like leaving the house

Dance around your house or just relax with this selection of songs

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Dev Petrovic, Staff Writer

Everyone has those days where leaving the house is just not the mood. Whether you’ve decided to stay home to get stuff done or decided you’d rather not experience the realities of our current state of the world, it’s okay. You’re not alone in wanting to stay indoors more, but if you fear you’re turning into a couch potato, this selection of songs will help you feel at ease for rejecting the outdoors. There’s seriously no shame in being home-bound, and on the plus side, staying home right now is the safest thing you can do. 

“Every Time the Sun Comes Up” by Sharon Van Etten 

Image courtesy of Jagjaguwar

This song is so catchy, you’ll be humming it to yourself while you wash that stack of dishes you’ve been avoiding for two days . . .  or is that just me? Anyway, Sharon Van Etten nails the reminiscent melancholic feeling of a past love that still hurts. While the lyrics are definitely on a gloomier note, the melody itself does not come across as sad. She sings “I washed your dishes / But I shit in your bathroom” — a humorous take on the dynamics of looking back on a long-gone relationship. Also, a reminder that I should really do those dishes. 

“Lose My Mind” by The Wild Reeds

Image courtesy of Dualtone Music Group, Inc.

Hopefully, no one is actually losing their mind while staying at home all day. If anything, adding this song to your playlist is a good alternative. This song tells the story of having “that person” who is able to give you perspective and unconditional support during the highs and lows. The song itself is also a combination of high and low rhythms, with harmonies from band members Mackenzie Howe and Sharon Silva. The intro on its own is enough to make you want to do absolutely nothing except sing along. Definitely a goodie for those stay-at-home vibes. 

“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

Image courtesy of Capitol Records Inc.

 This is one of my all-time favourites. It is not only perfect as a background song but also as a chill “I don’t want to be productive” kind of listening hour. The lyrics are beautifully written and the song as a whole is brilliantly produced. Listening to “Fade Into You” is a sinking, soul-wrapping feeling that you can’t escape because of just how ethereal it is. It is truly hypnotic but in the absolute best way possible. Lyrics like “You live your life, you go in shadows / You’ll come apart and you’ll go black” are why Mazzy Star is worth a listen. 

“Don’t Delete the Kisses” by Wolf Alice 

Image courtesy of RCA Records

You probably won’t be able to stay sitting with this hit from Wolf Alice as it grabs your attention from the very beginning. The song’s thrilling energy feels like it is straight from a coming-of-age film. While fittingly so, it is actually about the excitement and vulnerability of falling in love. The steady and upbeat rhythm make it the ideal tune for an at-home dance party and what’s a day at home without dancing around at least a little bit?