SFU student devastated to learn that taking six courses does not count as a personality trait

“I’m taking more than five courses this semester,” says student to the classmate that definitely didn’t ask

Photo: Element5 Digital / Unsplash

By: Devana Petrovic, Staff Writer

The semester just started and students are getting settled into their new schedules, dropping or changing classes, and, in some cases, coming to terms with life-altering discoveries. Third-year biological sciences major, Sheena Ann Oing, recently fell prey to self-actualization after being informed that her constant complaints about taking too many classes are actually annoying. 

Oing spoke with The Peak about how the event’s impact on her and how she hopes to bring awareness to this struggle faced by many, but especially masochistic STEM majors.

“All these years I thought I was receiving the pity I longed for [ . . . ] I just wanted people to feel bad for me. Was it a little much to take six classes every semester for three years straight just so I could have complaining rights? I personally don’t think so,” said Oing. 

She then revealed that she was removed from all of her course Facebook group chats last midterm season after copying and pasting the same complaint paragraph six times.

“But anyways, I’ve totally seen the light or something now,” she continued.

Oing attends SFU with money from her parents’ trust fund. She confirmed that there is no actual reason for her excessive course schedule other than thinking it’s “kind of quirky and relatable.”

“It’s just the worst. I only get like four hours of sleep — if I can even manage to squeeze that into my hectic schedule. I basically live off of energy drinks and coffee, am just so tired all the time, and can’t even remember what it’s like to do something other than studying — well, talking about studying — if you could even imagine that. Not sure you would know the struggle, though.” 

She then noted that despite being “sooo overworked and stressed with all six classes,” she is still somehow behind in her degree and might not finish in the expected four to five years. A possible explanation she gave was the game on goSFU she created where she would close her eyes, type random stuff into the course search bar, and sign up for whatever popped up “just to fill up her schedule.”

“It was the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me. I was telling the girlies about how I am literally so much more stressed than anyone else because of all the classes I’m taking this semester and no one even said anything in response?!”

Oing reached out to one of her friends after the incident and was shocked to discover that the group was ignoring her messages because they were “so over it. Please stop. Please.”

“It was absolutely earth-shattering. I haven’t even been able to process it properly yet because I am still so shocked. Some people just really don’t understand what I’ve been through. Anyways, I’ve learned from my past mistakes and all. Now I know that next semester when I take six classes, they should be towards my intended degree or whatever.”