Peak Sports Reverse Mailbag: Favourite sport to play

SFU Students discuss their favourite recreational sports in this week’s Reverse Mailbag.

Photo: SFU Athletics

By: Dylan Webb, Sports Editor

Hello readers of The Peak sports section,

This is the second edition of the Reverse Mailbag, a new format which involves readers submitting answers to a sports-themed question. This week, we have three answers to the question: which sport is your favourite to play recreationally and why? Thanks so much to the three readers that submitted their answers. 


I love playing Ultimate [frisbee]! I always look forward to my weekly Ultimate game because it forces me to get outside for some fresh air and exercise, plus I get to have fun with some of my best friends while doing it. Personally, I struggle with finding the motivation to go to the gym or go for a run because I find these types of physical activity kind of boring and lonely. So, for me, my weekly Ultimate game allows me to blend fun, friends, and fitness all into one awesome activity.


Soccer is definitely my favourite sport to play recreationally. My favourite part of playing soccer is the freedom I get from the stress of daily life while I play. When I’m on the pitch chasing down a loose ball or lining up a corner kick, it’s almost a meditative experience of being completely immersed in the task at hand. While I play other sports and get a similar experience in some of my other recreational activities, no other sport is as easy to pick up, start playing, and get a great workout that doesn’t even feel like a workout because it’s so much fun. 


Golf is my favourite sport to play because of the unique blend of physical and mental ability it requires. While golf is often a competitive and challenging sport, it’s also a really relaxing, leisurely experience that can be as much a social event as a recreational one. Another aspect of golf that I absolutely love is experiencing different courses. The fact that no two golf courses are the same makes golf a unique experience every time you step up to the first tee. The only problem I have with golf is the expensive nature of the sport! I wish I could afford to play more golf. 

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