Peak Sports Reverse Mailbag: Favourite SFU Sports

SFU Students discuss their favourite SFU Sports in the first Reverse Mailbag.

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By: Dylan Webb, Sports Editor

Hello readers of The Peak sports section,

This week’s edition of the Mailbag is the first edition of the Reverse Mailbag, a new format which involves readers submitting answers to a sports-themed question. This week, we have three answers to our first question: “Which SFU Sports team is your favourite to watch and why?” Thanks so much to all of our readers for submitting their answers to our first Reverse Mailbag question. 

The question for the next Reverse Mailbag will be: “What is your favourite sport to play recreationally and why?” Now, onto the answers!


My favourite SFU Sports team to watch is definitely the SFU Hockey team. As somebody who played competitively through my junior hockey years, it’s great to be able to see a really high level of hockey played by high quality ex-junior players near campus. The atmosphere at the Bill Copeland Sports Centre is always awesome, the event production is top notch for the size of the program, and they even serve beer, wine, and coolers, which makes it even more fun to check out a game with a couple of friends. If you want the chance to take in some of the highest-level hockey being played in the Burnaby area, definitely check out an SFU Hockey game. 


The SFU Volleyball team is my favourite SFU Sports team to watch, mostly because of the exciting atmosphere that is found at most of their games. The stands are usually full of numerous SFU students that are really into the game, which makes for a fun place to unwind after a long day of classes and studying. There are usually some fun giveaways at many of the games, and I’ve met some of my best campus friends at the volleyball games. Best of all, the games are always played in the West Gym, so for those of us that are on campus in the evenings, it’s just a short walk to be able to watch NCAA-level volleyball. 


While I’m torn between choosing the SFU Football and Soccer teams, I’m going to have to go with the men’s soccer team this year given the exciting play-style they offered this past season. The Polisi brothers are extremely entertaining to watch due to their unbelievable ability to control the ball, as well as the character and passion they display on the pitch. The fact that they consistently draw at least 300–400 fans per match is a big part of the excitement of attending a game, and I really enjoy the chance to watch high-level soccer without having to leave campus. 


I believe that SFU Football has substantial crowd appeal because of its parallels to the era of Roman Gladiators. Dating back to 70 AD, individuals were engaging in combat within the confines of the Coliseum. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and the principle of the Coliseum is still ubiquitous, but the swords and spears have been swapped for suits of armour and precisely pressurized instruments of leather (the football). And of course, some things remain consistent from the day blood was first spilled in the Coliseum until now — the screaming fans and the players fighting to declare victory over their opponent through violence and aggression. All in all, I like SFU Football because it’s the modern day equivalent to the gladiatorial battles that took place during Roman times.

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