What If: There were no microwaves on campus

Photo by Chris Ho/The Peak

Written by: Gene Cole, Opinions Editor

About two years ago, my family’s microwave finally broke down. Originally a wedding gift for my parents, it was an important mainstay in our kitchen for over two decades. It was tough to finally throw away the heavy little machine, but it more than deserved its rest.

Now that it’s gone, though, I can confidently say I don’t miss that microwave a single bit. If they all scuttled away from the campuses of SFU, I think everyone else would think the same.

Once these disappear, a whole lot of food suddenly becomes easier to eat. Your leftovers stay at home where you can cook them much better in the stove or oven — there, you can even do better than a boring reheat by adding in some fresher food mixed in as you re-fry that leftover pasta. The meals you make yourself are just going to get more creative as you work in some more veggies, salads, and other cold foods to get you through the day.

The greater bliss, though, will be the classes you have over breakfast or lunch. The damp, warm smell from the Tupperware they just reheated will be blissfully less pungent for the whole quarter of the lecture hall. The only thing we’ll have to worry about are the people who buy their hot food on the way, which you can already avoid thanks to the alarming sound of the paper wrapping.

I understand the need for a homemade heated meal on a rainy day, but for the most part, I’m confident that most people can wait until they get back home. Your diet might take a bit of a shift, but it’s far from a bad one.