What grinds our gears: Burnaby campus’ constantly imperfect temperature

Photo by Azat Bayandin/The Peak

Written by: Michelle Gomez, Staff Writer

Most students would agree that the worst part about winter at SFU is getting off the bus at the top of Burnaby Mountain to temperatures significantly lower than where you boarded it. After walking from the bus to my classes, it’s usually a relief to walk inside a building and be greeted with the warmth of the great indoors. That is, until I walk into my lecture hall and feel like I’ve stepped back outside on the mountain.

It’s gotten to the point where I have spent eight-hour days at school without taking my puffer jacket off once. I don’t know much about the school’s heating system, but somehow the frozen journey feels like it never ends.

Believe it or not, this phenomenon is even worse in the summer. If I’m coming to school on a sweltering 30-degree afternoon, I’m most likely dressed for that temperature. I’m either forced to endure freezing arms and legs for my entire lecture, or bring an entirely different outfit just to wear in class. We all know that blasting the air con isn’t cheap, but it definitely doesn’t feel like our tuition fees go toward keeping us at the right warmth.