Ascension is the passion project by SFU’s SCA students you need to see

Running from Dec. 6 — 8, SFU’s School for Contemporary Arts students have collaborated to create a diverse artistic showcase of dance and film

Image courtesy of School for the Contemporary Arts

By: Hannah Davis


SFU’s School for Contemporary Arts (SCA) acts as a birthplace for creativity and collaborative artistic creation. Housing students from a multitude of departments, from dance to theatre and visual arts, to film to music and theatre production, the School for Contemporary Arts fosters collaboration between all disciplines and between students of different creative backgrounds. In the wake of all this creativity and imagination, comes a show like Ascension.

        This year, Ascension will feature six dance pieces set to six original musical compositions. It will include numerous films, as well as lighting designs by both SFU and UBC students. The show is produced and directed by SFU students, and funded by the Music Student Union, the Dance Student Union, and Simon Fraser Student Society. SCA provides space for such artists, that are even aided and supported by numerous faculty members for its production. The show is growing every year, and becoming increasingly collaborative.

        Ascension is an annual show established by a group of SFU students who wanted to put on an interdisciplinary production. Now in its seventh year, it still acts as a beautiful representation of what it means to exist and work in creative and collaborative spaces.

        As the production is extra-curricular, students who participate are doing so out of sheer love for what they do, whether they are a dancer, filmmaker, composer, performer, lighting designer, or otherwise.

        One of the goals for the Ascension in the future is to start including more disciplines in major creative roles for the show. All those involved in Ascension are deeply thankful for the support of students, friends, family, and faculty members.

        If you would like to experience a student-run show celebrating interdisciplinary and collaborative creation, come see Ascension this year, running on December 6th, 7th and 8th at 8:00pm in Studio T at the SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts: 149, West Hastings Street, Vancouver. All students are welcome. I urge all students come to Ascension if you would like to see a show that truly celebrates collaborative art-making, and honors the notion of creating for the love of creation.  

Tickets are $7 for students, $10 for seniors, faculty, staff and alumni. General admission is $15.