Vancouver Valentine’s Day date ideas

It’s Valentine’s season! If you’re stumped for plans, here are five things you can do with your valentine, your friends, or even solo.

Starting with something a little formal, a little on the expensive side, but something very unique — a blind dinner date. Quite literally. This one is tried and tested by my closest of friends. Dark Table is a restaurant in Vancouver whose servers are blind. It’s pitch black in there, too! This gives you a sense of the servers’ everyday life and allows you to wholly and completely experience the food and the company of your special someone.

This has to be one of my favourite ideas, simply because of the destination — Gastown. This is a lively and extremely beautifully lit part of town. Be it a café, a restaurant, or a bar you decide to eat or drink at, you are bound to take a romantic stroll, hand-in-hand, on the lit-up streets. Options here vary in price, offering something for everyone, and leaving you mesmerized at the same time.

If your partner-in-crime likes to drink, and if their drink of choice is beer, then Yaletown is where you need to be! Along with an array of house-brewed beers, the Yaletown Brewing Company has a large variety of tapas and meals, and patio seating that is perfect for both sunny brunches and romantic dinner dates!

This one is an affordable favourite — so long as Vancouver doesn’t turn into Raincouver. A stroll to and around Stanley Park. Start from Burrard Station and head towards Stanley Park, walking hand-in-hand with flowing conversation and a warm drink you picked up on the way. Seems ideal, doesn’t it?

Finally, to give this list a sweet ending, why not cook for your significant other and then go out for dessert? A spot that comes to mind is Sweet Revenge Patisserie. Although a little far away from the Burnaby campus, it is apt for a late-night indulgence and has a gothic and picturesque ambience.