Board Shorts

Photo by Ben Derochie

Satellite Space Expansion

The board discussed a motion regarding the renovation, expansion, and improvement of student space on all of SFU’s campuses. The SFSS Space Expansion Fund exists to support initiatives such as this. The motion also proposed that SFSS staff be assigned specifically to serve satellite campuses.

Directors expressed a need for better understanding of how to serve students on satellite campuses and offered the creation of society space in Vancouver and Surrey as a solution. There is no current society space outside of Burnaby Campus. This sparked debate as to the difference between ‘student space’ and ‘society space.’ Ultimately the motion was tabled.

GRID Agreement

The Greek Representation and Interest Development Club (GRID) is a club with the goal of gaining official recognition for fraternities and sororities on campus. The club had been required by the SFSS to sign a Letter of Agreement to ensure GRID followed bylaws that restricted by the activities GRID could engage in as well as how their leadership was selected. 

This letter has expired as of September 1. There was general confusion around what the club’s bylaws are as well as why the letter had been created in the first place.

VP Student Life Deepak Sharma asserted that since GRID is a “student-based interest group” like many others, it should be allowed to register as a club under the existing bylaws and not be “handpicked” from many clubs who may have violated SFSS bylaws, by requiring signing of a Letter of Agreement.

Further discussion was tabled until the October board meeting. Said VP University Relations Brady Yano, “Until I see action on their part, I am not interested in opening this up for discussion.”