Muppet films and specials you may have forgotten about

Photo courtesy of Cultjer
Photo courtesy of Cultjer
Photo courtesy of Cultjer

With everybody’s favourite felted hooligans returning to television this fall on ABC — and a new trailer just released last week — we’re looking back at some of the Muppets’ wackiest adventures. Do you remember watching any of these hilarious Jim Henson productions when you were younger?

Marvel’s The Muppets

The Muppets Take on Global Warming

The Muppets Present the Internet

The Muppets’ Animal Farm

2 Fast 2 Muppets

Andy Warhol and the Muppets’ Holiday Special

The Muppets: The New Class

The Great Muppet Depression

Muppet Classic Improv Theatre

The Muppets Go to North Korea

Muppets from Under the Crawlspace

The Great Gonzo Gatsby

Muppets Treasure Pacific Trash Vortex

The Muppets Learn How to Evenly Split a Tip

The Muppets vs. Capcom

It’s a Very Merry Muppet Victoria Day

A Muppets Christmas: Letters to
Their Local MLAs

Kermit Saves the Canucks’ Playoff Series

The Muppets: SVU