Actual interviews with actual people: Reverend X, God

Illustration by Serena Chan
Illustration by Serena Chan
Illustration by Serena Chan

“Bitch, I ain’t give a fuck what you’re thinking, fuck your thoughts, I’m God, and bitch, you not!”

This profane and classic line was uttered by South Central Los Angeles public access television icon Vincent Stewart, a.k.a. The Spirit of Truth. His public access show, One Man Show, included several heavy sermons on Christian beliefs, namely the belief that he was God (the entire Holy Trinity) in the flesh. The Spirit of Truth (or Reverend X as he became affectionately nicknamed by fans) would curse out those who blasphemed against his name while preaching the word during his various call-in segments in the late ‘90s.

Unfortunately, he was kicked off the air due to exposing his bare ass on-air and asking the audience to find any traces of sin. His show lay dormant until 2006 when it became a viral sensation, garnering attention from Howard Stern and Daniel Tosh. Reverend X still preaches the word via Facebook, and The Peak reached out to him to learn more about why he is possibly Our Lord and Saviour.

The Peak: When did you first come to the realization that you were an incarnation of God, and when did you start preaching on public access television?

Stewart: I guess you can say I knew I was God all my life. But I started in ’96 producing and promoting my word.

P: Before you started preaching that you were God, did you have a background as a preacher in any Christian denomination or seminary?

S: No, I walk in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. If you title me anything, title me as God.

P: What happened to your show and why did it end? What have you been up to since it went off the air?

S: They accused God immediately and that is what a corrupt government does. I want to set up my righteous government, and the religion should be keeping the Law of God. They have not sworn to God. I came as Jesus Christ and I knew you were going to murder me. Even the Devil agrees that anyone who is blaspheming against me should be put to death.

P: How do you feel about most modern-day Christian groups that proclaim to do “works of faith” in your name? What are your feelings on other monotheistic religions like Judaism and Islam?

S: You and the whole world are guilty of Christ’s death. You should not be revolving your life around death.

P: There is a lot of suffering on the earth these days with death, destruction, climate change, and there is even persecution of Christians going on in Syria. Why have you, as God, not alleviated the suffering of your people?

S: All of you are still God’s enemies, why should God give a fuck if you aren’t abiding by the law of God? There’s a difference when you got a counterfeit government, the only reason for democracy is to murder God and murder Christ. The only reason for freedom of religion is for the devil worshippers. The anti-Christ Christians are the robbers of God and are breaking the law.

P: Have you ever set up your own church based around your theology? Do you have any genuine followers of your version of the Christian faith?

S: Not a one, there is only one I can think of and that follower is Jesus and of course I am he.

P: Who do you think is by far the biggest sinner of all today? Who truly, more than anyone else, angers you as God?

S: You’re all guilty of sin. There is no one person, I shouldn’t put my system in autodrive. George Zimmerman is a symbol for murder. Same with George W. Bush. I’m the motherfucker you murdered! You don’t know what you’re waiting on Jesus for and white people look for the Anti-Christ. God said “love your enemies,” but God said that for himself.

P: You mention in your Facebook posts a lot about “white devil worshippers.” Do you dislike all white people or just those that disobey your teachings? Is there any hope for white people to redeem themselves in your eyes?

S: It’s not about disliking white people, so much as you are responsible for all the crime and murder. You’re like the gatekeepers of hell and your democracy is about division. You do not allow God in your democracy. The best thing he can get is drugs or death or death by drugs. You white folks are crazy!

P: Do you ever plan on going back on the air to remind people that you are God?

S: The first chance we get. I’m not gonna remind your ass I’m God, because you surely forgot who the fuck God is.