Board Shorts


Fraternities and Sororities

The board continued their discussion on SFU Greek life organizations and related clubs on July 29.

Representatives from Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Kappa Pi, and other SFU-associated fraternities and sororities were present to advocate for their groups and to explain to board about the types of events they host and are planning to host for the next year.

Board tasked Rebecca Langmead, at-large representative, and Moe Kopahi, VP university relations, to discuss what the university and the SFSS would require in order to recognize fraternities and sororities at SFU. The SFSS will also engage in a university consultation about the presence of fraternities and sororities at SFU.


Harbour Centre Student Space

Board tasked VP university relations, Moe Kopahi, to look into the establishment of a student space at the Harbour Centre Campus.

Arts and social sciences representative Brady Wallace explained that he has been in talks with the International Studies Student Association, who have expressed interest in such a space at Harbour Centre.

Although a student space currently exists at Harbour Centre, it is unclear whether or not the space is accessible to all students because it requires an access code.



Board discussed VP student life Kayode Fatoba’s proposal to launch SFSStv, which would act as the multimedia face of the SFSS.

The proposal would task the communications office to create approximately three videos each month related to society activities and events.

After several amendments and a lengthy discussion, the proposal failed. Fatoba, visibly upset, initially made as if to leave the meeting, but returned so that board would have quorum and be able to finish their meeting.