Album review: Tiger Talk


By Benedict Reiners

Yukon Blonde’s acclaimed sound has jetpacked them across the border, and they’ve stopped only to fuel up on new tracks

Tiger Talk won’t contain any major surprises for those who have listened to the band’s previous work, but sometimes building on what you know is a better choice than starting something new, and Yukon Blonde’s second release marks an evolution to a more complex sound from their tried and true combination of energy and electric guitars.

The additional harmonies and further integration of acoustic stylings gives the listener a sense that the new tracks are more carefully planned out than their previous work. However, that fact may seem less surprising when you consider that their self-titled first album was recorded live-to-tape.

Cohesiveness lends itself to this more thought-out album, reflected heavily in “My Girl” and “Radio”, where the last few seconds of one carrying into the other. This also contributes to the continued theme of evolution, with each track seeming to build on the previous.

The lyrics of the album, though not usually particularly deep, lend themselves well to the music, as the vocals blend well with the instrumentals, while not being swallowed by them. The music is certainly catchy, and that seems to be what Yukon Blonde is going for, as they pull that feat off magnificently. The band has managed to make music that, makes you just want to be a part of it, whether that means belting along to the chorus of “Oregon Shores”, or dancing to the myriad of energetic songs.

All in all, Tiger Talk shows a band that knows where they’re going, and with it’s energy and dynamics, its music that demands attention. This isn’t music that you’ll be listening to while studying, but you will find few albums finer for when you’re in the mood to move.

Tiger Talk will be released March 20, and is currently streaming on Paste Magazine.