You know you’re a gender studies student when…

As a student in the tiny department of gender, sexuality, and women’s studies (GSWS), I get to be in the most engaging, thought-provoking, and entertaining classes every semester. Here are four tell-tale signs that you may be a GSWS student.

  • You become a feminist unicorn. Sniffing out discrimination, maiming misogyny with unicorn horns, and stomping out sexism with our hooves is what we do best, to achieve equality for all genders. We also wear sparkles, because we are fucking unicorns.
  • You become critical of everything. Remember that popular song by The Weeknd? Have fun pretending that those misogynistic lyrics don’t exist. Do you still love it anyway? Yes, of course — but that critical lens, once open, shall never close again!
  • You’ve been targeted by an anti-feminist Twitter troll. Ah, behold the typical ramblings of anti-feminists. With their keen talent for vulgar language and missing a point, get ready for comments such as, “Oooh. . . the big bad patriarchy boogeyman is out to get you??” Insert eye-roll here.
  • You love being completely aware of the gender norms that people follow.  Well, somebody told me that I can’t do something because of my gender again. Please excuse me while I go all Judith Butler on you and send those norms down to hell.