The Floating Points really are an experience

Floating Points combines different music genres to create a chill electronic sound.

If you like electronic instrumental music, not dancing, and spirographs, then this was the show for you! The Floating Points sound like Pink Floyd travelled in a time machine to present day, studied jazz at Capilano, and acquired an assortment of synthesizers. Apart from Pink Floyd, these guys remind me of bands like BadBadNotGood, Explosions in the Sky, and the Whitest Boy Alive. Their sound is a mix of post-rock, electronic, instrumental, ambient, and jazz.  

They didn’t actually start playing until 1 a.m. — a little past my bedtime. But I’d say in the end they were worth staying up for. While waiting I eavesdropped on a conversation going on beside me. I overheard one guy say to his friend, “I’m so excited! I’ve never experienced the Floating Points live before, only on my iPod.” I couldn’t hold back a scoff at the comment — more specifically at how he used the word “experienced,” like this was going to be some spiritual trip. Unfortunately, he noticed my scoff, and I was eventually put in my place once the Floating Points started playing.  

It was an experience. The multi-layered landscape of sound, characterized by a driving, quick jazz beat underneath and waves of slow, stretching and whining synth melodies on top was the perfect backdrop for deep introspection. The music was hypnotic and soothing. It felt like aural Ambien.  

I really appreciate it when a band makes an effort to include visual elements in their shows. Capturing the senses in more than one way, and not just with the run-of-the-mill bits of smoke and spotlights. Part of the Floating Points’ performance included this giant circle on which intricate spirographic shapes were traced as they played. They were clearly conscious of the whole experience they were creating for their audience — one which I found both thoughtful and original.

Overall it was a pleasure to see the Floating Points perform. I’d recommend checking them out.