Perfect Fit: Shabby chic decor for small living places

Home decor doesn’t have to be expensive

Illustration of fashion and home accessories (backpack, pillow, etc.) in shades of pink and blue
Refresh your life with these simple style recommendations. Illustration: Kitty Cheung / The Peak

By: Lubaba Mahmud, Peak Associate

Last month, I moved into a studio. Since then, I’ve been carefully collecting a few pieces that will add a little sparkle without taking up too much space. I’m not sure what my style is called, but I think it’s a mix between shabby chic and modern. I know it is tough to decorate small Vancouver apartments on a student budget, so I hope the next few items will give you some inspiration.

Do it for the (mono)gram

Photo courtesy of Lubaba Mahmud

I think accents with your initial(s) are a fun way to personalize your room. The one I have is a slim, wooden, L-shaped piece decorated with succulents from Michaels. I couldn’t find the exact same design on their site, but you can find another one with a similar look. I chose to display mine on a shelf, but I believe it can be hung on a wall too.

Put a ring on it

Photo courtesy of Lubaba Mahmud

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! The great thing about Michaels is that their decorations are divided into themes, so you can choose a few items from one collection for a cohesive look. The wreath I picked looks like an arrangement of dried flowers. I used a Command hook to hang mine. It makes me smile every time I arrive at home after a tiring day.

Can-do spirit

Photo courtesy of Lubaba Mahmud

I love pieces that combine functionality with beauty! I picked up a sleek watering can with a gold handle from IKEA to go with some plants I plan on buying soon. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up too much space either.

Room to grow

Image courtesy of Dollarama

There’s nothing like fresh flowers to brighten your room. Since I want the focus to be on my flowers, I bought a clear, cylindrical vase from Dollarama. Its design is simple and small, so it doesn’t take up much space on my dining table.

Word up

Photo courtesy of Lubaba Mahmud

I cannot imagine my place without at least one cheesy quote. My favourite is a vintage-looking box that came from a small thrift store for less than $10. The Tolkien quote on it has given me some solace until I can actually travel again.