Written by: Michelle Young, News Editor 

A new NASA study stated “Upcoming changes in the moon’s orbit could lead to record flooding on Earth in the next decade.” They explained that, while the moon’s regular cycle causes high and low tides  climate change may aggravate sea levels, which could lead to flooding in the 2030s. 

The study focused on effects on the United States; however, UBC professor Jess McIver said the same issues apply to BC. CBC News reported BC cities have “begun preparing for rising sea levels, flooding and extreme tides, in addition to the other climate and weather extremes predicted by climate scientists.” However, “the addition of the lunar ‘wobble’ at almost exactly the same time could amplify the impact.” 

Experts maintain the moon has “been wobbling in this way for millions and millions of years.”

Cities at high risk of floods have invested in infrastructure to prepare for flooding. Areas that are considered high-risk include those with “low-lying areas near sea level.” It is recommended that cities protect their infrastructure so “water treatment, electrical, communication and public transport systems are working.” 

The Red Cross recommends putting “sealant around basement windows and the base of ground-level doors” and preparing an emergency family plan for general flood protection.

NASA said, “From a planning perspective, it’s important to know when we’ll see an increase [ . . . ] Understanding that all your events are clustered in a particular month, or you might have more severe flooding in the second half of a year than the first — that’s useful information.”