What Grinds Our Gears: Yes, SFU Mail, I’m really, positively sure that I want to log out

Where’s the “don’t ask me this ever again” option?

SFU Fail Mail. Illustration: Joy Tian/The Peak

By: Tiffany Chang, Peak Associate

Does anyone else find the “Do you want to log out completely?” component of SFU Mail irritating and totally unnecessary? Canvas does the same thing. This might not be a big deal to some — in comparison to other issues, I guess it isn’t. And I’m normally not the type to complain about minor stuff like this, but requiring individuals to take that one extra step when logging out is frankly a totally useless feature. 

The major changes the IT department made when switching everyone over from the old SFU Connect were supposedly done to improve the email experience for students and staff. But in what world did having to confirm your intention to log out all of a sudden appear as the convenient option?

Don’t get me wrong. I get how it gives students one last chance to stay logged in by allowing them to go back to the previous page, but 99.9% of the time when I click the “sign out” button I just want to sign out! If there’s an odd mistake here or there when I accidently press “sign out”  instead of, say, “open another mailbox,” I’d rather just type in my credentials again. Why must we prolong the logging out process every. dang. time?!

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the lack of a “Do you want to log out completely?” component that caused SFU Connect to implode, so why did they decide that this implementation was a good idea for SFU Mail? Widely used email services such as Gmail and Hotmail don’t have it . . . Why should we? 

Needless to say, I hope more redundant additions to SFU’s communication platforms isn’t something I need to put up with in the near future.