Most Romantic Spots on Campus

Illustrated by Momo Lin

Written by: Jennifer Low

When thinking of the most romantic places in the world, Paris, Italy, and New York are just a few places that might come to mind. But you’d be forgetting one of the most underrated romantic destinations of all time: Simon Fraser University . . . The most romantic destination this side of the Pacific, the sights here are ones you just can’t miss, and for a fraction of the price!

Can’t afford that fancy trip to the Alps this winter? Don’t worry, you sad, pathetic, hopeless romantic; The Peak has got you covered. Here are the top little-known romantic destinations at SFU:

  1. East Lot

Your S.O. wanted to go somewhere new, right? Well, head over to the far-off majestic land of East Lot. A million miles away from most of the SFU population, a parking lot actually exists.

East Lot represents one of the greatest semi-natural romantic locations SFU has to offer. Filled with “N” drivers who are still so nervous about parking that they’d rather just pull through a space, you and your S.O. will never have felt closer . . .  Let’s be honest, near-death encounters caused by erratic driving will keep you on your toes, and there is nothing like the fear of being hit by someone’s beat up Honda Civic to bring a couple together.

  1. The fifth floor of the WAC Bennett Library

Is it the eerie silence or is it merely being in your partner’s presence that’s got you feeling like you’re holding your breath? Perfect for napping or just sitting and enjoying one another’s company, nothing will render your S.O. speechless quite like getting lost in the stacks on the fifth floor of the library.

  1. Robert C. Brown Hall

RCB gets a lot of hate for being an ugly, dark, Wi-Fi-less concrete abyss. But sometimes you just need a change in perspective! Like a real-life escape room, RCB will test your ability to put up with one another and your spatial awareness as you try to navigate the maze. Let’s not forget that this is a 100% cell phone-free zone; you couldn’t get service down there if you tried. Who needs to go to horror movies or haunted houses to get your S.O. to hold your hand when you can struggle to find your way through the horrors of Robert C. Brown Hall together?

  1. The Stairs leading up to Saywell Hall

They say hikes can provide a sense of clarity and freshness for your relationship, and there’s nothing more romantic than admiring that picturesque view once you get to the top. The same goes for the climb up to Saywell Hall. Here, you get a better view than anywhere else on campus of the detailed renovations going on beneath that giant white tarp. Construction workers, broken tiles, a dark and sweaty tarp. What more could you want from a view? So whether you are celebrating an anniversary or trying to impress someone on a first date, Saywell Hall is an experience made better by being together.

  1. Math West

A relatively new building at SFU, Math West has plenty of natural lighting, but what makes this spot so appealing has to be the ambience for sure. Math West exudes a romantic aura that has left a lasting impression on the soul and life of numerous students, students whose tears watered the surface of every piece of furniture in sight as they suffered through their math assignments. This space truly is one to visit so you can experience the celebration of raw human emotion and struggle.