New Music Friday

(Linda Shu / The Peak)

By: Danielle Davie, Courtney Miller, Aritro Mukhopadhyay, and Natasha Tar

“Magic” – Sia

Danielle Davie: This doesn’t do much for me.

Aritro Mukhopadhyay: It’s kind of generic.

Courtney Miller: “I’ve been waiting for a magic moment” for this whole song. Generally a fan-ish of Sia, but, ehh.

Natasha Tar: I’ve never liked Sia, but this isn’t as bad as her other stuff.

“Fadjamou (remix)” – Oumou Sangare, Tony Allen, St Germain

DD: It was nearly two minutes until this song did anything different, and even then it was stagnant. The last two minutes were different from the first three, but I still wish it did more.

AM: I don’t really listen to this kind of music, although if I had understood the tongue then perhaps it could have been different.

CM: The first part started strong, but yeah, after a minute or two of the same kinda thing it got a little boring. Doesn’t seem like a good remix.

NT: I feel like the original might have been better? Maybe it’s the remix that screwed it up.

“Athletes World” – So Loki

DD: It’s not terrible, but it is very generic.

AM: Catchy trap with unique theme and intent choices.

CM: The music sounded pretty good and then the lyrics started and everything went downhill from there. Generic AF.


“Loup Garou” – Maître Gims, Sofiane

DD: This went a lot harder than I thought it would based on the opening chords. I’m into it. I would like it more if I could understand what they were saying though.

AM: Even though I don’t understand a word, the song is intense. Although after a bit of Googling, it seems to be about weed and unappreciated rappers, what a shocker.

CM: Yes, angry French. Other than that, the intensity is the only thing this song has going for it, tbh.

NT: GROSS but in French.

“Company” – The Proud Sons

DD: In the beginning I thought it would be a little more folk and a little less country.  I think that I would have liked it more if it had used more folk elements.

AM: A good old rock and roll number mashed with a country lead.

CM: Yes, I’m about this life. Those harmonies are 🔥🔥🔥.

NT: Oh look, a country song! Surprise! If New Music Friday playlists are any indicator of the music scene, new country music hasn’t come out in about 20 years.

“Pink Lemonade” – James Bay

DD: This is by far my favourite on the playlist. It’s more upbeat than his work on Chaos and the Calm, and I really dig it!

AM: A must-have in your transit music playlist. Imagine yourself in a speeding 1960s Impala (preferably maroonish red with some rust), barren land on both sides, overcast and windy weather with miles ahead of you. The song also has a the F-16s kind of a vibe.

CM: The beat is pretty chill and there’s a lot of bass, but if I want ‘60s music, like, I’ll just listen to ‘60s music? They did it better and earlier. I mean, it’s fine though, I guess.

NT: The best thing about James Bay is his signature hat.

“La Même” – Maître Gims, Vianney

DD: I like this more than I thought I would when it started. I can understand some words from my very limited French knowledge. I wish I knew more.

AM: I like this song more than the previous one by Maître Gims. It’s got a nice ring to it.

CM: This is better than the last one, but also, why do they get double-billing?

NT: Better because it’s not rap.

“Morning is Coming” – Sting, Shaggy

DD: I heard “Angel” by Shaggy on the radio today. That was my jam back in the day! This one will never be my jam.

AM: I wish I was on a beach with some lemonade under a cool blue sky. This song reeks of the above.

CM: Why the fuck is Sting on here.

NT: This is pretty cheesy for reggae.

“Over and Over and Over” –  Jack White

DD: I feel like high school me would have loved this.

AM: Perfect head-banging material.

CM: Yep, this is Jack White. The guitar is the best part here, otherwise pass.

NT: Yep, this is Jack White. The guitar is a Jack White guitar, Courtney, of course it’s the best part.

“Supercut (remix)” – Lorde, El-P, Run the Jewels

DD: I saw Lorde and Run the Jewels last week. Lorde was amazing. RTJ taught me that all bands should probably say their band name in their songs a minimum of 10 times. This remix was sick though. The perfect amount of the original song combined with something new.

AM: Chill, yet intense. There’s something about this remix that makes me feel like a tempest is about to strike, but you will want to listen to it over and over again.

CM: This sounds like it’s from a weird dungeon level on a video game. As far as remixes go, it’s not the worst I’ve heard. But 1:40 in, it goes too far.

NT: Yeah, I definitely get the video game vibe, too. And then it went rap, and everything good was ruined and eradicated.

“Loving Arms” – Ady Suleiman

DD: I don’t like this very much. It’s so generic.

AM: A feel good number for when the lights are dim and the wine is expensive.

CM: This is the generic you get in a Spotify ad. Vocals are clean, but that track is so dull.

NT: It’s like a white piece of paper.