New Music Friday

(Linda Shu / The Peak)

“Passion” – AWOLNATION

Ana Maria Mejia Morales: The only good thing about this song is the hot guy on the cover.

Neil MacAlister: AWOLNATION used to be kinda cool, but this is just dull. There’s no excitement here.

Jenna Beetstra: I really dislike this song. I don’t see anything appealing about it. It makes my mood worse and not in a need-to-get-some-tears-out-sad-song way that actually feels good.

Edna Batengas: When it started and he was like, “Blow my mind” I was eager to have my mind blown. Did NOT happen. Meh, next.

“Medusa” – Kailee Morgue

AMMM: This song tries to be eerie, but it fails miserably, and it turns into a wet pop puddle.

NM: I kinda like this. It sounds like every other female-lead, indie/electronic project out right now, but in a good way?

JB: I like the fact that the song is called “Medusa,” yet the beginning definitely gives me a mermaid feel. It’s not special. Just OK.

EB: Oooh, this song makes me feel like an evil, mysterious femme fatale. I’m totally digging this!

“On ira” – Suspect 95

AMMM: Have I said I love French rap?! Have I?! OK, here it goes . . . I LOVE FRENCH RAP!

NM: This song goes absolutely nowhere. The verses sound like spoken-word intros and the autotune on the chorus is pretty poorly done.

JB: I agree with Neil, the autotune just makes it sound poor. Although I’ve been digging the French music that pops up in these playlists. This one isn’t a keeper.

EB: I always thought I was a sucker for French rap, but this song didn’t make it past 45 seconds. Je ne suis pas impressionné.

“Real Thing” – Tory Lanez, Future

AMMM: I changed this song as soon as the guy made reference to women’s reproductive systems as the colloquial term referring to kittens.

NM: Future is absolutely fantastic on this song; Tory Lanez, less so. But it’s still the best thing Tory’s put out in a while. Future’s in full HNDRXX mode which is always a good thing.


EB: LOVING THIS! Tory Lanez and Future on the same track! Name a better duo. I’LL WAIT . . .

“Phone Calls” – Jessie Reyez

AMMM: Did you know Jessie Reyez is Canadian? Neither did I. If you are looking for fresh R&B, this is it. Hit it up.

NM: Hey, new Jessie Reyez. I’ve been waiting for her to drop something new, but I was honestly hoping for something a little more interesting than this.

JB: I don’t like her voice here, the beat sucks, and honestly this song sucks

EB: I actually really enjoy listening to Jessie Reyez, her voice is unique.

“Jumped Out The Whip” – Gucci Mane, A$AP Rocky

AMMM: No, chao, adios.

NM: Gucci’s new album might be my favourite of his, ever. I love this song, it’s laid-back Gucci, which is a perfect setting for Rocky to come through with an excellent verse (the ScHoolboy references are a nice touch, too).

JB: Not loving the whole, “bad little bitch” part, and I usually don’t get hung up on that kind of stuff in songs. This time it bothers me, but the rest is alright, you can definitely tell it’s Gucci. The A$AP Rocky verse is definitely the best part of the song.

EB: Oh my days . . . Gucci Mane’s wedding pictures have cluttered my social media feeds, so I thought I’d enjoy this. Not digging this one.

“FaceTime Me” – Lotto Boyzz

AMMM: This song is not good to say the least. I mean come on “FaceTime me, I don’t really like typing”?!?!?! But the voice of the guy who doesn’t sing the chorus is hella sexy.

NM: This is pretty weak. Maybe it’s just not the genre for me, but I’m not finding much going on here.

JB: It’s funny that when I was in middle school, songs talked about instant messaging, now it’s FaceTime. I definitely feel old when I think of 14-year-olds now-a-days versus when I was that age. As for the song, I like the voices, but it’s pretty boring.

EB: You have to appreciate dancehall to love this one. I don’t know who the Lotto Boyzz are, but defs downloading this track. Ahhhh, the beats are so sexy, my waist is already whining to it.

“Revenge” – P!nk, Eminem

AMMM: I read a thing on BuzzFeed that when she contacted Eminem to collaborate, he was just like “OK.” Even if his answer is lacking in expression, I couldn’t care less because the song got created and it’s absolutely PHENOMENAL.

NM: I’m really sick of Eminem lately. His verse is pretty stupid, but the song’s got a fun vibe to it. I’m not against it.

JB: I love P!nk, and I love Eminem, so I was looking forward to this when I first saw their names. The chorus is a little repetitive, but I love the song overall. They should definitely collaborate more!

EB: P!ink, I love what you’re doing. Keep doing it! Meh, Eminem, that was pretty mediocre.

Oğuzhan Koç” – Vermem Seni Ellere

AMMM: Sounds like a party to me.

NM: This is neat? I don’t have a huge opinion on it, it’s not really my thing.

JB: No idea what’s happening in the song, but it sounds fun. I think if I understood it, I would enjoy dancing to it. Hell, even though I don’t understand, if I was travelling to wherever this song would be played, I’d dance to it and have a grand time.

EB: Don’t have much to say about this one but it sounds like a party starter.

“Lord I’m Ready” – The Boom Booms

AMMM: It’s got a country/rock vibe. OK, I guess.

NM: Haven’t heard from the Boom Booms in a while. They were getting a pretty big local following. They’ve really changed up their sound, but it kind of works for them. They’ve jumped on that whole Vancouver sound that was big a few years ago.

JB: This is different than my usual playlist, but I like it. Love the country vibes it has. Country girl forever!

EB: Chilled, (somewhat) country vibes. That’s a YES from me.

“2” – H.E.R

AMMM: I like H.E.R., but I must say this chorus really pisses me off. THERE ARE MORE NUMBERS THAN TWO!

NM: I really like this, H.E.R. has been dropping consistently awesome R&B for the past year or two and this is no exception.

JB: This is boring as hell. Not digging it at all.

EB: Oh yes, H.E.R! Now this is some real good music. Her vocals are amazing

“Why Why Why” – Wu-Tang Clan, RZA, Swnkah

AMMM: A quite relevant song for the current social and political situation occurring in the States. Wu-Tang baby!

NM: Wu-Tang’s new album is really, really good. This song’s pretty dope, RZA’s as aggressive as ever, and his second verse is stellar.

JB: “We come to unite people. Every colour, every race. Every shape, every face. All around the nation. No discrimination. Peace, and love.” What a great song. I’m into it. Good lyrics, good tune, good all around.

EB: Well done, Wu-Tang Clan. They never disappoint. Lyrics are on point and relevant. Damn right, social justice warriors.