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Norway Norway named the happiest place on Earth

Much to Disney’s surprise, the World Happiness Report named Norway the happiest place on Earth, taking the coveted title from former first-place winner Denmark. The World Happiness Report measures “subjective well-being” — how happy the people are, and why. Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, and Finland round out the top five. Canada came in at number seven. The United States didn’t even crack the top 10. The release of the World Happiness Report is meant to coincide with the United Nation’s International Day of Happiness, which took place on March 20.

With files from BBC News and WorldHappiness.Report

US Sesame Street Welcomes Muppet with Autism

Sesame Street is bringing more character diversity to the small screen by introducing Julia, an autistic character who will arrive on screen in April. Although autism exists on a spectrum, Julia will demonstrate some common characteristics. The other muppets tell Big Bird, who thinks she does not like him, that “[Julia] does things just a little differently.” Instead of ignoring Julia, they create a game where they all play together. Stacey Gordon is Julia’s puppeteer and her son is autistic. She told 60 Minutes, “Had my son’s friends been exposed to his behaviours through something that they had seen on TV. . . they might not have been frightened.”

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Peru Flooding in Peru Causes at Least 72 Deaths

Natural disaster has struck in Peru where intense rain and mudslides have led 811 cities in the region to declare emergency. The death toll has since risen to 72. Lima, Peru’s capital, has been without water services since early last week. The abundance of rain has caused the formation of pools of water in the streets, which attract disease-carrying mosquitoes. As a result of the crisis, food prices in the region have jumped by as much as 5%.

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Somalia Vine Star Creates Movement to Deliver Aid Amidst Famine in Somalia

In Somalia, severe drought has pushed the nation to famine. Now, more than 5 million Somalis are in immediate need for assistance. Last week a Vine star, Jérôme Jarre, created a GoFundMe page called the “Love Army for Somalia,” which has, to date, raised two million dollars with the help of celebrities such as Ben Stiller. Jarre’s creation of a public movement has brought awareness to the unfolding crisis, where Turkish airlines, the only place to currently fly directly to Mogadishu, the Somalian capital, stepped in to deliver the aid.

With files from Fox News, BBC News, and Al Jazeera News