SFU campuses ranked by sex appeal

Probably the least sexy thing on the planet would be the place you go to school. It’s where you sit and listen to someone talk for way longer than you’d like, and stress over how much you have to do. But we go to a school that was almost named “Fraser University” and would have had the unfortunate acronym of FU — maybe that almost-acronym was an open invitation from our campuses to explore their many titillating hallways. These sexy SFU campuses will have you going from “fuck you” to “fuck you” (raises sensual eyebrow).



Sleek, modern, and sophisticated AF, many feel groan-worthy pleasure from looking at its elaborate wooden roof. This campus is begging you to plop your ass in a chair in their virtual reality lab so you can experience a whole new world. Also, Trudeau has been within its walls so that’s an added bonus.



While this campus is older and not in top shape, the gorgeous mountain views at the study spot in West Mall Centre will help you get in touch with your wild side while hitting the books. There are also plenty of coffee shops around, if you are in need of an aphrodisiac to get the ball rolling. And, of course, nothing satisfies a sexual appetite more than the avocado (I have to put this in here even though that joke needs to die).


      Harbour Centre

Aaand this brings us to the campus that is reminiscent of an airport lounge. Is there anything sexy about an airport lounge? No, because you are cranky and hungry and in a hurry to catch a flight, and being horny is the farthest thing from your mind. Keep this one on your list for actually studying and getting shit done.