Top three things about the Tim Hortons that will grind your gears


1) Choosing the wrong line

At peak hours, choosing the correct lineup at Tim Hortons is an exercise in economic game theory. There are multiple things to consider: who’s at the till, how many people are in line, how many of said people are in groups, and the lunar orbit. There is nothing more frustrating than standing in line desperate for that double-double while the line beside you zips by to get their sugary snacks.

2) Getting passed over while waiting for your food

I’m sure we’ve all experienced this. You’ve ordered your chicken chipotle melt, or whatever weird new concoction they’ve decided to push this month. You get your slip of paper, and find out you’re number 100. Then you’re told to wait to the side and stand there until your number is called. You’d expect the numbers to follow some sort of chronological order, but you would be dead wrong. After a while, every number from 101 to 150 is called, and you’re left standing there silently judging every person who decided to order chilli, feeling like the last kid picked in gym class.

3) Not getting a sleeve with your coffee

Ultimately, the most egregious error made by Tim Hortons employees is the fact that they don’t just give you a sleeve with your coffee. This is not a difficult concept to grasp. Coffee is hot. I need something to shield my hands so I don’t get third-degree burns walking to class. I shouldn’t have to ask for a sleeve. It’s my God-given right to have a sleeve with my coffee.