Album Reviews


Young Thug – Slime Season 3 – By Max Hill

Young Thug’s latest is more of the same, which is going to be either a good or bad thing depending on what you think of the divisive rapper’s stream-of-consciousness style.

If you’re already a fan of Young Thug (like me), you’ll find Slime Season 3 to be one of his strongest works — the production is tight and Thugger sounds more confident and flippant than ever. There’s also plenty of quotable lines that will reward repeat listens. It’s not likely to convert nonbelievers, but SS3 is a good entry-point for non-fans who want to give the rapper a shot.

Highlights include: “With Them,” “Slime Shit,” and “Tattoos.”


Radio Radio – Light the Sky – By Jessica Whitesel

Light the Sky is the first English-language album to be released by Canadian hip-hop group Radio Radio. Their earlier albums featured rapping in Chiac — a variety of Acadian French.

I will admit that I really wanted to like this album. I love supporting Canadian music when possible, but Light the Sky makes that really hard. I feel like trying to break into the English language market wasn’t the best choice they could make. They do have really good backing tracks and they clearly know what they are doing in terms of putting an album together, but vocally they sound like the bastard child of Classified and Chromeo. This vocal sound works much better in Chiac than in English.

Highlights include: “My Dance Floor,” “Happy Hustler,” and “Remodel (Mike Holmes).”