Following the release of the Benji in 2014 and Universal Themes in 2015, the 2016 collaboration album Jesu/Sun Kil Moon provides a stable ground that will go on to please the most dedicated of Kozelek fans, and alienate the Benji bandwagoners that despise the Sun Kil Moon (SKM) diary-lyric styles of Universal Themes.

Fans who crave Kozelek’s personal lyricism will enjoy him yelling through essays of lyrics that reflect the same diary-realist-daily routine habits over Jesu’s blasting post-rock/synth timbre, such as in “Good Morning, My Love” and “America’s Most Wanted Mark Kozelek.”

However, older fans of SKM will settle for songs such as “Fragile” that reminisce the nylon fingerpicking of Benji, or songs like “Exodus” and “Beautiful You” that reflect the somber electro-ambient tales of Kozelek & Lavelle’s Perils From The Sea. However, though this an album that is worth checking out for anybody who enjoys post-rock and incredible lyrics, those unfamiliar with either artist should check out their previous discography before jumping into this.