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Dalhousie Dentistry Scandal Report May Offer Insight

[HALIFAX] — Dalhousie University released a detailed restorative justice report on May 2015 in response to its dentistry scandal involving misogynistic and homophobic Facebook comments. The report stated that restorative justice could not offer solutions, but rather sharing what participants have learned could help to build a more inclusive community.

Recommendations were made to make the filing of complaints more accessible and easy to navigate. The report expressed a need for universities to build confidence in its systems to increase students’ trust.

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Free WiFi on buses to Waterloo campus

[WATERLOO] — Students riding the 407 West and Waterloo/Mississauga GO buses are now being offered a free WiFi connection for their convenience.

As a six-month pilot program, Greater Ontario Transit introduced the service on June 3 as an answer to the demands of its customers. Although feedback has been positive, some customers are asking GO Transit to advertise the service to more students. The length of the program will depend on feedback from the users.

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Asexuality conference at U of T

[TORONTO] — The University of Toronto hosted a conference on asexuality. The two day long event featured workshops, keynote speakers, and community building activities, and drew approximately 300 asexually-identifying people, support service providers, and activists.

Student Brian Langevin described an asexual person, sometimes preferring to be called an ‘ace’, as “someone who does not experience sexual attraction to other people.” He explained how isolating and challenging the experience can be, denouncing the ideas that there is something wrong with you if you are asexual, and that you need to be “cured.”

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